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Free Excel and Google Sheets Tips and Tricks from Treesheets


Excel Free Tips

What is Excel? 

Microsoft Excel is a software program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Fundamentally, excel is used to create spreadsheets, where data is laid out in rows and columns in table format. Excel has become one of the most used software for both personal and business use around the world.


Google Sheets Free Tips

What is Google Sheets?

Google sheets is another form of spreadsheet program that is part of the free Google Docs office suite offered by Google. You can find the Google Docs suite within Google Drive. Again, this is a great program for creating spreadsheets for both personal and business use.

Google Sheets vs. Excel

Google Sheets vs. Microsoft Excel: Most individuals use either one of these fantastic tools for both work and personal life. Both applications allow users to manage data in the forms of text, numbers and graphics in a spreadsheet. Both programs use formulas  to calculate results and connect values.

Excel is part of the Microsoft Office Suite and is available for both Windows and MacOS operating systems. This program can be installed on your computer but also can be used in the cloud. Google sheets is a spreadsheet program which is part of the Google Drive family and is completely free to use. No software installation is required and works online within Google Drive.

Treesheets aim is to over free comprehensive tips and tricks for both applications giving you the best opportunity to use both efficiently. Over time this site will cover many aspects in written and video format tutorials.